Jennnnaaayy Tea Towels - Set of 2

Jennnnaaayy Tea Towels - Set of 2

Oh Em Gee... that's right friends, your girl, well her emoji is on a tea towel.

How excitement!


These are a pack of 2, that's right you get one of moi and one of a saying that you will start saying to all who enter your sacred food domain.... "no bitchin' in my kitchen"


I'm also getting ready to launch such phrases as "Does this look like a Cafe to you" and "If you don't want a piece of fruit then you're not that hungry"


These are 100% cotton, machine washable and dryer friendly, I have tested them myself.

They are a really good quality where they won't leave that annoying fluff on your plates etc after you wipe them... 


Part of the Jennnnaaayy Kitchen Collection :)

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