Jennnnaaayy Re-usable Straws & Pink Bag

Jennnnaaayy Re-usable Straws & Pink Bag

Ok picture it. You go to the movies, you get a frozen coke.

10 minutes after trying to drink it, it starts to fall apart and you're eating paper.


Darls, I gotch you. I've always gotch you!

And guess what? We're even saving the turtles, you go Glen Coco!


Here is a waterproof, nylon bag with a zipper with 4 straws! 

They have silicon ends and the straws are made from stainless steel

It even includes a brush to clean your brushes with!


The straws are dishwasher safe, 2 are bendy and 2 are straight.


Silicon ends will be random colours, this one will be a pink bag to keep them in!

Bag is also available in purple!


Part of the Jennnnaaayy Rainbow Kitchen Collection!