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How I Got Here

You know how you just somehow manage to stumble into the right place at the right time? Yep. Me too.

That's probably the best way I can explain why you're reading this right now. I've always wondered if there was something bigger destined for me. I believe I've been put here to help others. To help you realise what took me so long to realise. That you my love, yes you, are absolutely amazing. You are enough.

It's taken me 36 years to figure that out for myself, and if you hang out with me, I'm going to remind you daily how fucking spectacular you are.

We all have demons. We all have something that we fight with everyday. How about we take a minute to take that deep breath and remind ourselves that it doesn't own us. Our illness, our disability, our demons, they don't own us. Let's acknowledge that they make up part of who we are, but ultimately we can't let that dictate who we are meant to be.

So stick with me, straighten that crown and put on some extra glitter today, and stay motherfucking sparkly ;)

Love ya Xoxo

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