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Don't Let Others Bring You Down

Oh hi darls, yeah good thanks

Have you ever heard of the term "bottom feeders"?

No I don't mean someone who enjoys eating arse, but you know, if you're into that, more power to you. The fucking smells that come out of my husband's arse, there's no way my mouth is going near that *shudders* Ok that's enough of that for all of us.

Bottom feeders are what I refer to people who fall into the category of "low life scum", the haters, the bullies, the online trolls, anyone who makes a conscious decision to put others down for either their own enjoyment, or maybe because they are so hurt that they only want others to feel that hurt too.

These people who decide to wallow in the deep depths of our world can be the bringers of darkness, they bring hail where there was sunshine. Their comments and nasty jabs make us question ourselves. All of a sudden our sun has a little cloud float in front of it. When we begin to let these bottom feeders enter our mind and thoughts, that little cloud turns into a thunderstorm. Then one day, that thunderstorm completely engulfs us and we find ourselves questioning everything about ourselves.

So, the next time someone writes something, comments something or says something to you, with the intention of making you feel bad about your decision, about your outfit, about yourself in general, I want you to think, am I going to let this bottom feeder, this Negative Nelly make me feel like I need to find my umbrella, or am I going to enjoy the sunshine from up here?

I love you, enjoy your beautiful day 🥰

P.S if you currently are sitting in the darkness, please reach out, we will help you find your way back into the sunshine. We love you.

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Apr 27, 2023

Thank u 🥰


Oct 13, 2021

ThankYou ❤️ ThankYou for you ☀️☀️

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