Jennnnaaayy Re-usable Zip Lock Bag

Jennnnaaayy Re-usable Zip Lock Bag

Well, if you've seen the straws you know we like to save the turtles.


Don't get me wrong, I know plastic sandwich bags are handy AF. But babes, so are these.


Made from a high quality silicone, they are are a zip lock storage bag.

You don't have to just use them for food. Let your imagination run wild darls.


There's 3 in this pack, you get one blue, one yellow and one pink, I know. Cute AF right?

Sizes are all the same at 26x20cm which is larger than your standard sandwich size bag.

Have you ever tried fitting a decent size bread roll into a sandwich bag? Thank me later.


How much room can containers take up in your fridge? These are honestly the best space savers.

I wouldn't sell you shit babes, I'm not about that life.





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