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Hot Water Bottle with Knitted Cover Set

Hot Water Bottle with Knitted Cover Set

This is a 2L rubber hot water bottle with a lovely knitted cover to suit!

  • Manufactured under supervision to conform with British and Australian standards
  • Can use with iced water for strains and sprains as well!


If you are like me, when Aunt Flo visits she brings with her a world of pain. As someone who suffers with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) and recently diagnosed with Adenomyosis (ugly step sister to Endo) my hot water bottle is my best friend.


This isn't just for period pain though, my mum would put one at the end of my bed during the colder months and they are great for back pain.


These covers are machine washable and will protect you from the hot rubber on your water bottle!

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    $20.76Sale Price
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