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Twosday 2/2/2022

So, the date today is the 2/2/2022 and it even falls on a Tuesday. Twosday. Cute, right!

But, if you are one who pays attention to synchronicities in your day, whether it be looking at the clock at 11:11, or even seeing a rego plate as your driving with 444, some tell us it’s a sign from those we’ve lost letting us know they are with us, some say it’s the universe getting our attention.

Some people will just say it’s a coincidence. And maybe it is. But what if it’s not?

The week before we experienced some flooding which changed my family’s life projection in early December, for a whole week, every time I looked at the clock it was on 11:11 or 1:11. Like, I’m not even joking. All I kept thinking was, what the fuck is going to happen? What am I being warned about? And you know what, after the flooding, they went away. And I wasn’t deliberately looking at the clock or my phone at that time, something just made me look up. Something made me pay attention.

I’m a lover of all things Tarot and Astrology, your girl is always up to date with what might be in store for that week, I religiously read my horoscope of a night before bed. It’s something I always have done and I think it brings me comfort in knowing that while it’s not a fortune telling device, I find it helps me mentally prepare for the day ahead. If I think something is going to go down, while I may not know what it is, I can try and balance myself to take on whatever the universe has in store for me that day.

Now I know some of you might be reading this and thinking, oh Jen c’mon, really?

But hey, I believe that we all need to believe in something. I’m baptised catholic and attended catholic schools, but over the years of me being able to find and experience my own beliefs, I follow my own path now. I am very respectful of everyone’s own journey’s, paths and beliefs. I like to think I follow more of a Pagan path myself these days.

So, back to the original reason why I’m writing this today.

Today is powerful.

Today is a date that we won’t see again in our lifetime.

They say that the meaning of 222 and 2222 is good luck and prosperity. It’s an angel number, with a reminder to keep your life in balance and never forget the power of positive thinking.

So, on a day with so much power and potential, I challenge you to think positive. I challenge you to think about what it is you really want or where you want to be. I challenge you to see the sunshine on what might be a cloudy, stormy day.

Because, even if you think it’s all a coincidence and a load of shit, the worst that would happen is you put a bit of positivity out into your world today 😊

Much love and wonder to you and yours,

Love Jen xx

P.S Happy Cruiser Twosday….. see what I did there? Muahaha. K Love you bye x

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