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Hey! Did you know you are amazing?

Oh hey girl hey!

You my love, yes you, are an absolute rockstar!
And I'm so proud of you!

Together we're going to work on building confidence.

Just as it takes a village to raise a child, let's apply that same thinking to raising each other up and helping each other rise to greatness. Life can get hard, it can throw us curveballs, it can sometimes kick us while we're down. But it's how we rise. It's the moments when we decide that we are ready to choose the sunshine over the darkness.

So, let's start our journey in the kitchen.
There's no better confidence boost than receiving compliments
on something we've made, so hang out with me and
let's make some easy, basic, good tasting food
while enjoying a couple cold bevy's!

Stay wonderful and stay sparkly!

I love you Xo.

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